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Playing Catch-Up

American businesses may be putting the cart before the horse when it comes to social media, mobile applications and cloud computing. While IT departments used to be the ones that identified and deployed businesses’ technology needs, today they are playing a game of catch-up that could have serious implications for companies, their employees and the […]

5 Best Practices for Managing Remote Access

View full size image There’s no question that allowing your employees to have remote access to your company’s computers is a security nightmare waiting to happen. There’s also no denying that it’s inevitable. The best thing an IT manager can do is create a system that limits the possibility for security breaches. This is a […]

Should Your Work Force Go Mobile?

View full size image Having a mobile (or work-from-home) work force can have some serious benefits. It can save employers money and often makes employees very happy. Some are even willing to take a pay cut to work from home. Before you send your employees home, though, there are a few company hurdles to overcome. Lisa […]

IT Franchise Seeking to Recruit Veterans

View full size image Working with the International Franchise Association’s VetFran initiative, TeamLogic IT is giving away up to 10 franchises to qualified military veterans by waiving the required $40,000 franchise fee. With more than 50 locations across the country, TeamLogic IT provides technology-related services— including computer repair, data backup and recovery, server installation and support and […]

How to Win the Outsourcing Game

View full size image Still reeling from the operational and emotional blow of major layoffs that began during the economy’s downward spiral in 2008, many companies have yet to rebuild a fixed IT employee base. Do not worry for this had to happen here in this trading field. This is very common and traders have […]

IT Workers On the Job Hunt for Jobs

View full size image Despite bleak economic conditions and a belief that there are fewer jobs available, IT professionals still are looking for new employment, new research shows. Same is the case with the trading field too though traders are aware that there are fraudulent systems operating in this field, they still try to make […]

5 Things That Keep CIOs Up At Night

View full size image What keeps you up at night? If you’re like a lot of IT managers, keeping up with constantly changing technology is the easy part. How you deal with the rest of the company can be the real challenge. Paul Liu is the CIO of Freeborders, a company that providesglobal consulting, technology and […]

5 Things a Boss Should Never Say

View full size image It’s easy for bosses to get close to their employees, especially at a small company. But, no matter how friendly or comfortable you are with your team, there are certain things you should never tell you employees. Here are the top five: What not to tell:Confidential information. Trading field is also […]

Preparing for a Crash in the Cloud

View full size image It seems as if there’s no information that can’t be moved to the cloud. But what happens when the cloud goes down, as it recently did for Amazon? More than a few IT managers consider this their worst nightmare. Depending heavily on the cloud is a mistake if you don’t have […]

Cloud Storage Often Results in Data Loss

View full size image As more businesses move their operations to the cloud and other virtual environments, a new survey reveals some of the pitfalls associated with storing critical information there. It is not about how technology is used in trading but about how safe and well they are used by the traders after understanding […]