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How to Create a Great (and Secure) Password

View full size image As we use technology tools to manage more facets of business operations, the threat posed by hacking and identity theft grows. And this is what explains the entry and existence of some fraudulent systems in the trading field. In spite of strict laws, unscrupulous systems find loopholes to enter the system […]

IT Jobs Expected to See Biggest Salary Increases in 2012

View full size image Companies may still be struggling to make ends meet, but they are committed to rewarding employees by offering higher salaries. Average salaries are expected to rise by 3.4 percent in 2012, according to the newly released 2012 Salary Guides from Robert Half International. Technology jobs are projected to see the largest gains, with […]


View full size image While CIOs may know their way around a database, CFOs are the masters of the spreadsheet and control the purse strings at many companies when it comes to IT investments. CFO influence over IT is growing as CFOs alone have authorized 26 percent of all IT investments, while CIOs have authorized only […]

What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

USB devices can be turned into ticking time bombs. CREDIT: Dreamstime View full size image No matter what your industry, it’s a sure bet your company depends on information technology to automate, manage and analyze your strategy and operations. Whether you run an e-commerce company, a brokerage firm, a law firm or a publishing company, […]

Despite Security Risk, Companies Embrace BYOD

View full size image Less than half of IT organizations have formal policies on the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace, but nearly all of them intend to institute them within two years, according to a new survey regarding such bring-your-own devices (BYODs). Ninety-two percent of the 700 information technology organizations surveyed for […]

5 Things to Teach Employees About Password Management

View full size image   Managing all your online passwords can seem like a full-time job. As an IT manager, teaching employees how to manage their own passwords and security properly is even more of a challenge. The key is to educate employees about the importance of proper password management early on. The major focus […]

IT Exec Fences and Races Racecars

View full size image David Seuss spends his free time playing with swords and racecars. But for him, such pastimes are more than just child’s play. Fun time is different for different people. A few might take up trading in their leisure time but they take it up seriously and place their trades with full […]

5 Tips to Maximizing Your Data Insights with Business Intelligence 3.0

View full size image Using business intelligence tools can go a long way toward helping your company achieve its goals. Rony Ross, founder, executive chairman and chief technology officer of Panorama Software, offers tips on accomplishing goals. Similarly in trading if a trader is well-versed in using the latest technological skills and talents in operating his […]

Gen Y Making New Digital Demands on Employers

View full size image The pressure for employers to cater to tech-savvy Gen Y employees could be mounting, according to new research that shows just how much they value their mobile devices. The pressure on traders on systems like the crypto vip club to make use of the latest technology via mobile devices might annoy […]

5 Tips for Managing Your Mobile Work Force

View full size image Too often, companies trying to deal with managing the security of employees’ mobile devices are focused on the wrong thing. They need to focus on the user, not on the device itself. That’s the theory of Steve Daly, president and chief executive officer of LANDesk Software,a provider of systems lifecycle management, endpoint […]