5 Cloud-Based Services You Should Start Using Today

Are you making the most of what the cloud has to offer small business? There are a number of low-cost — and often free —new cloud-based services popping up every day, making it easier than ever for a startup to get off the ground with little IT expense.

Tradeshift, a global social business network that allows businesses of all sizes to exchange invoices for free is just one of those companies. It connects businesses to all their suppliers and customers, not only saving time but also ensuring they get paid faster at both ends of the supply chain.Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng tips BusinessNewsDaily readers off to five other cloud-based services they could start using today.

TalentWise– A cloud HR solution, TalentWise makes the hiring process more affordable and manageable by offering hundreds of custom employment screening packages, including background checks, drug testing, credit checks, verifications and more. Its flexibility makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

SkedgeMe– SkedgeMe is an online scheduling tool that makes business scheduling a breeze by making it possible for SMBs to accept appointments through their websites 24/7. Customers can see when the services are available and book them right online.

NewVoiceMedia– NewVoiceMedia delivers a cloud-based contact center solution. It provides access to contact center technology (call routing, queuing, CRM, etc.) in an easy and affordable way without need for big investment in hardware, software, or professional services.

The customer support departments need to have this kind of technology. They need to be accessible all the time to their customers. The traders may not really need the support when the trading program is excellent like the Bitcoin Trader, which has many testimonials and is described here, https://top10cryptorobots.com/crypto-robots/bitcoin-trader/. However, a supportive and efficient contact center does help to improve the popularity of the program, as traders feel comfortable speaking to a human voice even though the trading part is taken care of by robots. Another facet is data, and

Peer Software– Peer Software specializes in data protection and consistency, allowing businesses to better manage their digital assets. By protecting against data loss and facilitating software distribution, Peer Software helps sustain seamless business communications.

Dropbox– An online syncing service, Dropbox is the simplest way to store and share your files. It syncs directly over local networks without having to go through online servers first, and also has the best third-party support.

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