Going to the Cloud: How One Company Sees the Future

Small and medium-sized IT departments face unique challenges when it comes to deploying cost-effective information technology solutions, and seamlessly integrating those systems across the enterprise. Their budgets, teams and executive support are often limited. These challenges prompted the founders of RunMyProcess to create a cloud-based platform to help deliver IT projects in a timely, cost-effective way, and help them level the playing field with larger competitors.

RunMyProcess founders Matthieu Hug, Eric Mahe and Alexandre Lachmann began as colleagues at IT consulting firm CapGemini. There, the trio saw first-hand how costly and time-consuming it can be for smaller companies to implement even foundational IT solutions. This pushed them to create a company that provided options to help organizations build affordable applications that could be implemented in a timely manner, and easily integrated within existing solutions.

RunMyProcess was established in Paris in 2007. By 2009, the team launched its cloud-based platform that allows users to design, run and manage business processes. The platform is based on business process management concepts that provide structured workflows.

Because the service is delivered in the cloud, users are not hindered by hardware, software or coding.

“We created a way for organizations to use cloud computing to create applications based on workflow,” said Stephanie Kidder, RunMyProcess’ director of global marketing.

Within two years, the technology provider has further boosted the functionality of its platform. This includes the addition of 1,200 connectors to its infrastructure that links users to other software-as-a-service apps. The result is companies now have an easy way to create integrated applications using an on-demand business model.

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“We have competitors that also feature integrated applications, but since our solution is based on process management and workflow, we are able to instantly integrate applications within the enterprise,” Kidder said.

RunMyProcess offers a 30-day trial that allows users to follow three steps to test the platform and build apps. First, users are guided through the design interface where they build apps directly through the Web browser user interface. Next, the workflow and graphic environment teaches users how the business process management and workflow sequences transfer data between processes. The final interface allows them to integrate the apps with others on a test basis.

“Most projects are launched within two or three weeks, saving companies thousands of hours each year in development and deployment time,” said Kidder.